Sorry! We do not accept credit cards.  

Why not?
Happy Books hopes to promote Islamic ideals, Islamic etiquettes and encourages Muslims of all ages to abide by and refer to Shari'ah rules in all of their affairs. This includes matters of trade and contracts. For this reason, we do not accept credit payments as these are usurious transactions (ribaa)that contradict the basic rules known by necessity in Islam.

Why are credit cards usurious transactions (ribaa)?
Ribaa (usurious transactions) is an umbrella term in the shari'ah that describes any unlawful trade transaction as Allah (swt) says, "Allah permitted trade and forbade Ribaa" [EMQ 2:275]

Credit card contracts and purchases using credit cards involve a number of usurious elements. The contract is based on the principle that you can purchase goods or services from others without paying for them yourselves, but by a third party (the credit card company) 'loaning' you the money for the purchase and paying the seller instead of you. The credit card company will then collect payment for these loans periodically, charging interest if you pay late.

This involves a number of prohibited transactions including interest if you pay late, interest even if you pay on time as the seller is usually paid less than the amount you 'repay' to the credit card company', three party contracts and two contracts in one deal.



But what if I pay my bill on time and so don't pay any interest?
The contract still involves interest as the lender is still paid more than they originally paid out to the seller. Interest in the Shari'ah is any form of benefit that the lender receives for giving a loan. This means that because the credit card company only loans 97-99% of the sales price but then collects 100% of the sales price from the debtor, they profit from the loan even though you pay on time and do not 'officially' pay any interest.

So what if I pay interest, your not the one that will be sinful?
Actually no. Interest is only one prohibited element in a credit card transaction, an Islamic contract can only have two parties and there can be no third party. In this transaction, there will always be three parties: (1) You - the buyer (2) Us - the seller and (3) the lender - the credit card company, in this type of contract, all three parties will be sinful not just the buyer.

It is also two contracts in one deal, a sale of goods and loan to a buyer combined in one deal. This is prohibited for all parties involved.Not only will we be sinful for accepting this form of trade but the transaction will be invalid according to the Shari'ah.

How else can I pay?
We accept any debit card including Visa, Maestro, Electron, Solo and similar as well as direct debit and we may also accept a cheque or postal order by arrangement.

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