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12 tips about - Writing an Islamic Will

12 tips about - Writing an Islamic Will

1. Have you calculated all your debts?

Make sure you have written all debts that you owe including the name and amount for each person that you owe money to.

2. Have you included any details of a Mahr (Dowry)?

The Mahr (Dowry) of marriage is one of the first things that should be deducted from an estate, record details of any unpaid dowries owed and to whom it is owed.

3. Have you explained any amaanaat (trusts)?

Do you have any property that is held in trust that do not belong to you, be sure to detail this on your will also.

4. Have you included details of any unpaid Zakat or Kaffarah?

Write down any details of money that you owe in Zakat or that was supposed to be paid as expiation of any sins that you have done.

5. Do you owe any ritual acts e.g. Hajj, missed fasts?

If you have missed fasts or you were supposed to go to hajj but were unable to, then you should explain this in your will, it may be that your inheritors can fulfil your debt to Allah.

6. Have you stated who you wish to wash your body?

Your body will need to be washed, if nobody is nominated, then the eldest son is normally the one to wash for men, or the oldest daughter.

7. Have you nominated an executor?

You should appoint somebody that should execute your will nad distribute your wealth appropriately to your inheritors.

8. Have you explained that you wish your wealth to be divided Islamically?

Although this should go without saying, local unislamic laws could be a cause for trouble/hassle that might prevent your inheritors getting their rights unless you clearly explain it.

9. Have you designated any bequests?

You are Islamically allowed to give away up to one third of your wealth to people who do not normally inherit from you. Though it might be better to leave it for your inheritors. Besides this, you cannot decide who receives your estate as your legal inheritors will have fixed portions.

10. Have you left some advice for your inheritors?

This is a good opportunity to pass important Islamic advice to your inheritors.

11. Have you arranged 2 male witnesses?

You will need either 2 male or 1 male and 2 female witnesses to witness your will.

12. Have you dated your will?

Be sure to write the date on your will lest future revisions get mixed up with old ones.

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