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13 tips about - Happy Stage 2 Geography Assessment

13 tips about - Happy Stage 2 Geography Assessment

1. Can you explain what happens when day turns to night?

Explain the transition between night and day and the differences between the two.

2. Can you explain what happens when Allah makes volcanoes erupt?

Explain what happens when volcanoes occur and how it affects people living nearby. Identify Allah as the One who makes volcanoes erupt.

3. Can you explain how mountains are like pegs?

Explain how mountains are like pegs the way Allah described them with a larger portion underground than above.

4. Can you explain what happens when Allah makes earthquakes?

Explain what happens when and why Allah causes earthquakes and how it affects people.

5. Can you identify different types of rocks and how Allah makes them?

Identify different types of rocks and how Allah makes them such as volcanic rocks, sedimentary rocks and fossils.

6. Can you describe other countries and how they are different from where you live?

Describe other countries in relation to their landscape, climate and weather conditions and how they are different from where I live

7. Can you identify some changes that have taken place to countries such as transport systems?

Identify how countries have changed such as borders changing, undustry, transport systems such as cars, trains, planes, horses etc.

8. Can you use maps to plan and follow a local route?

Use maps to plan a route to go somewhere and follow that route. Also draw your own maps and plans of local journeys such as your journey to school.

9. Can you talk about how water is used and is transported

Explain how water is transported and used by different living things e.g. through pipes into taps and drains, rain, rivers flowing into ocean and forming clouds.

10. Can you give examples of how Allah commands us to care for the environment?

Give examples of Islamic rules that make us look after the environment e.g. not to spit/urinate in rivers and water, not to cut trees without a reason to remove litter from the street.

11. Can you use a compass to find the Qiblah from your home/school?

Use a simple compass to find North and then identify and calculate the direction of the Ka'bah from a familiar place such as your home or school.

12. Can you identify which salah is due by looking at the position of the sun?

Look at the sun to identify the time of Salah that is due, such as recognising Fajr by the first light, recognising Maghrib by the sunset etc

13. Can you make a rough estimate of the date by looking at the shape of the moon?

Look at the stages of the moon and recognise roughly what date on the Islamic calendar corresponds with the shape of the moon, in particular, recognise the full moon as 15th and identify the new moon.

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