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19 tips about - Hajj Luggage Shopping List

19 tips about - Hajj Luggage Shopping List

1. Have you bought Ihraam cloths?

As you cannot wear any normal stitched clothes during Ihraam - you should be sure to remember cloths for Ihraam. A spare set is ideal as one set can get dirty very easily.

2. Have you bought slippers?

Be sure to buy pairs of slippers you can wear comfortably. Broken in slippers are better.

3. Having bought a sleeping bag/blanket

NOTE: do not use a sleeping bag zipped up during Ihraam, you should use it as a blanket only.

4. Towel

Be sure to bring a towel for showers in mina

5. Toilet Tissue

It is a good idea to take a good supply of toilet tissue of your own.

6. Zip lock bag

This will be useful for keeping pebbles for stoning the jamaraat.

7. Unscented toiletry

Soaps, gels, and toiletries in hotels are often scented and so cannot be used during Ihraam. It is a good idea to take your own unscented soap.

8. Alarm clock

You may have to wake up at awkward hours, so a loud alarm clock could be useful.

9. Umbrella

An umbrella is useful to shade you from the hot sun at midday.

10. Pad/pen

A pad and pen will be useful to write down and keep track of directions and important information.

11. Quran Mushaf

A small qur`an will be more portable.

12. Water flask

A water flask can be used for wudu', emergency water, taking zam zam water home.

13. Jumper

You may need to consider what clothes you will need after Hajj is completed, if you intend to stay or visit Madinah, the nights can be quite chilly and so some warm clothes will be necessary.

14. Torch

For dark nights, particularly Muzdalifah.

15. Medicine

For coughs, diarrhea, cuts, scrapes, disinfectants are all handy to have around.

16. Prayer mat

You never know where you will need to pray.

17. Safety pins

Useful when you don't have pockets, or stitched clothes.

18. Money belt

19. Toothbrush/toothpaste

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