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7 tips about - Planning for a new baby

7 tips about - Planning for a new baby

1. Decide where to deliver

Think carefully about where you want to deliver your baby, whether at home or hospital. There are benefits and risks in both.

2. Enquire about female doctors

Depending on where you are, it is sometimes possible to plan which doctor will be at hand during the delivery. Enquire about which doctors will be available to see if a female doctor is possible.

3. Protect your modesty

Remember, all treatment and checks offered are optional and is not mandatory. Even when visiting a midwife, there is no reason that checks cannot be performed over clothes without uncovering your awrah.

4. Make enquiries about Maternity/Paternity leave

Enquire beforehand and inform employers of your needs to take leave.

5. Look after your body

Be sure to eat well, rest well, sleep well and not to put too much strain on yourself unnecessarily. Remember, you do not have to fast in Ramadhan while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

6. Prepare a bag for the delivery day

Prepare a bag with all the essentials for your delivery day. Include things such as comfortable clothes, some baby grows, towels, dates for making ta`neeq (feeding a chewed piece of date to the newborn).

7. Avoid mixing during the delivery

Prevent men from being present during the delivery except in an emergency. If a male doctor needs to be present for emergency treatment, be sure to have a mahram at hand.

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