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To Do List For Happy Stage 2 Geography Assessment

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1. Can you explain what happens when day turns to night?
2. Can you explain what happens when Allah makes volcanoes erupt?
3. Can you explain how mountains are like pegs?
4. Can you explain what happens when Allah makes earthquakes?
5. Can you identify different types of rocks and how Allah makes them?
6. Can you describe other countries and how they are different from where you live?
7. Can you identify some changes that have taken place to countries such as transport systems?
8. Can you use maps to plan and follow a local route?
9. Can you talk about how water is used and is transported
10. Can you give examples of how Allah commands us to care for the environment?
11. Can you use a compass to find the Qiblah from your home/school?
12. Can you identify which salah is due by looking at the position of the sun?
13. Can you make a rough estimate of the date by looking at the shape of the moon?
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