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Islamic Personality

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- Another huge aspect of a person’s Deen that is in particular danger in these troubling times is the personality and character of the Muslim. Muslims growing up in the west especially, have difficulty avoiding the influence of non-islamic personalities, culture and moral values. This is why it is essential to learn and hold firmly to those characteristics that define the identity and personality of the practising Muslim. Allah says,

“And verily, you are upon a great character.”

And ‘Aisha (ra) commented on this verse,

“The prophet’s character was the Qur’an.”

The prophet (saw) said,

“The best of the believers is the best among them in his Islamic character.”

And Abu Hurairah narrated that the prophet (saw) said,

“Verily, I was sent to perfect the good character (Akhlaaq).”

Therefore, it is quite clear the relevance and significance of discussing the Islamic charcter in this chapter.

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