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Propogation and Domination of Islam

Propogation and Domination of Islam

Contents > Propogation and Domination of Islam

- “He it is who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the Deen of truth, so that He may cause it to prevail over all [false] other ways of life even if the Mushrikeen hate it!”

The Deen of Islam was sent by Allah to all of mankind to lead, prevail over and govern them, as a mercy and a guidance for them. The mission of Muhammad (saw) is to convey this message to the entire world and the vision and prophecy of the Messenger is that this Deen will reach and dominate over the entire earth, bringing guidance and prosperity to all lands and all people, Muslim and non-Muslim.

This mission is part of the duty on the Muslim Ummah, a foundation of the entire Deen and the topic of this chapter.

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1. Calling to Allah

You must invite people to Islam. Allah ordered us with this beautiful and essential duty of calling to Islam from the beginning of the mission of the Prophet (saw).

2. Domination by Islam

You must know that Islam must be dominant over the whole world.

3. Establishing the Islamic Ruling System (Khilafah)

You must establish the Khilafah. Khilafah is the Islamic government that establishes and enforces the Legislation of Allah on a state level.

4. Oath of allegiance

You must give allegiance to the Khalifah (the legitimate Muslim ruler).

5. Obedience to those in authority

You must obey those in authority over you.

6. Harshness with followers

You must know it is forbidden for an Ameer to deal harshly with his followers/subjects.

7. Rebellion

You must know not to rebel against the Islamic state or the legitimate Islamic leader.

8. Betrayal

You must know not to commit treason or betray trusts.

9. Unity of Muslims

You must unite Muslims.

10. Care about the affairs of Muslims

You must care and have concern about the affairs of Muslims.

11. Protection of Muslims

You must defend and protect Muslims.

12. Fulfilling the needs of Muslims

You must fulfil the needs of Muslims.

13. Supporting Muslims

You must support Muslims.

14. Commanding Good

You must command people to do good deeds (defined by the Shari'ah)

15. Forbidding Evil

You must forbid people from evil deeds (defined by the Shari'ah)

16. Hiding knowledge

You must know not to hide divine knowledge.

17. Debating without knowledge

You must know not to debate without knowledge.

18. Giving verdicts without knowledge

You must know not to give a Fatwa (Islamic verdict) without knowledge.

19. Emigration

You must migrate for the sake of Allah.

20. Fighting for Islam

You must fight in the way of Allah to make his word the highest.

21. Learning to shoot and training

You must train for Jihad.

22. Stealing the booty

You must know not to steal the booty.

23. Mutilating the dead

You must know it is not allowed to cut, torture or mutilate dead bodies in war.

24. Destroying crops

You must know not to destroy the crops.

25. Running away from battle

You must know not to run away on the battlefield.

26. Giving away Muslim land

You must know it is forbidden to give Muslim land away to the disbelievers.