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Alliance and Enmity

Alliance and Enmity

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- One of the conditions of al-Tawheed, and the foundations of the Deen, is to love Allah exclusively and not to love anyone else except for his sake. This is also called al-Walaa’ wal-Baraa’ (To love/ally and hate/have enmity for the sake of Allah). The Prophet (saw) said,

“The strongest knot of Imaan is al-Hubbu-Fillah (To love only for the sake of Allah) and al-Bughdu-Fillah (To hate for the sake of Allah).”

This essential principle is the basis for our relationship with Muslims and non-Muslims and the standard by which we choose our friends and recognise our enemies.

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1. Love/Allegiance

You must be devoted and have allegiance to Allah exclusively.

2. Hatred/Enmity

You must denounce disbelief and have enmity toward it and it’s people.

3. Loving Allah

You must love Allah.

4. Loving the Messenger

You must love the Messenger Muhammad (saw).

5. Loving for Allah's sake

You must love for Allah's sake exclusively.

6. Hatred for Allah's sake

You must hate for Allah's sake exclusively.

7. Brotherhood

You must maintain Islamic brotherhood.

8. Imitation of non-muslims

You must know not to imitate the disbelievers in their behaviour, sins, religion or festivals.

9. Alliance with non-muslims

You must know not to ally with the disbelievers.

10. Sharing powers with non-muslim organisations

You must know not to share power with disbelievers or organisations or regimes that promote disbelief.

11. Friendship with non-muslims

You must know not to take disbelievers as intimate friends.

12. Friendship with oppressive rulers

You must know not to take tyrant rulers as friends.