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Worship of the Heart

Worship of the Heart

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- al-Tawheed is the foundation and the basis for every aspect of Islam and of every act of worship, whether hidden or apparent.

As mentioned previously, Allah (swt) has described the Tawheed as having two pillars, (i) to reject false deities (i.e. Taghoot) and then (ii) to have Imaan in Allah.. Allah (swt)says,

“There is no compulsion in the Deen, the right way has become distinct from the wrong way, so whoever rejects Taghoot (anything worshipped instead of Allah) and believes in Allah has grasped al-‘Urwatul Wuthqaa (the firmest handhold i.e. al-Tawheed) that will never break and Allah is All-Hearing and All-Knowing.”

However, al-Imaan in Allah is not as simple as English translations often suggest i.e. faith or belief, rather the prophet T described al-Imaan as being,

“What is settled in the heart, testified to by the tongue and acted upon by the limbs on the pillars (of the religion).”

So, al-Tawheed is complete exclusivity to Allah in all acts of worship, whether those hidden acts of worship performed by the heart (al-Tawheed al-Baatinah) or the apparent acts of the tongue and limbs (al-Tawheed al-Zaahirah).

Nu’man bin Basheer narrated that the Prophet (saw) said,

“Verily there is an organ in the body that if it is good, the whole body is good and if it is bad, the whole body is bad. Verily, it is the heart”

Clearly, maintaining the purity and correct deeds of the heart is essential for every believer wishing to be safe from sin and disbelief. This is why, after the tenets and articles of faith that we have mentioned in the last chapter, it is pertinent to speak next about the other acts of worship performed by the heart.

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