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Imaan and Tawheed

Imaan and Tawheed

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- First and foremost, every Muslim upon embracing Islam must understand the fact that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and that Muhammad (saw) is His Messenger. Allah says,

“So know that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah”

Belief (Imaan) in this and in those matters relating to this is the foundation of the entire religion or way of life of Islam. So it is pertinent that we, before all else, discuss this topic, and that we detail which articles of belief are known by necessity.

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1. Monotheism

You must believe Allah is One and Unique. He has no partner in His Essence, Names, Attributes, or Actions or right to be worshipped and obeyed exclusively.

2. Belief in Allah

You must believe in Allah ; meaning to believe that He is Existent and not Non-existent; He is Eternal, not originating in or subject to time or space; He is Everlastingly living and will never die; Dissimilar to and other than anything within time or spa

3. Belief in the Angels

You must believe in the existence of Angels

4. Belief in the divine books

You must believe in the divine books mentioned by name and that many books were revealed without being named in the Qur’an and Sunnah.

5. Belief in the Prophets and Messengers

It is obligatory to believe in the Prophets and Messengers, that is to believe that indeed Allah , sent the Prophets and Messengers to his slaves, to warn, to give the glad tidings and to give Da’wah to the truth, so whoever responds to them will have

6. Belief in the last day

You must believe in the Last Day and the Hereafter, when people will be raised alive from the dead to be judged then placed either: In the abode of eternal enjoyment - Jannah or in the abode of severe punishment - Jahannam.

7. Belief in Destiny

You must believe in the divine decree of Allah

8. Belief in fate

We must believe exclusively that Allah has the absolute power to predestine all fate (al-Qadhaa) and all destiny (al-Qadr). al-Qadhaa is the predestination of all our deeds, whether good or bad.

9. Belief in the Last Hour and its signs

You must believe in the final hour and its signs.

10. Belief in Resurrection

You must believe in the resurrection after death,

11. Belief in the day of resurrection

You must believe in the day of judgement

12. Belief in the account

You must believe in divine accountability

13. Belief in Hellfire

You must believe in hell (Jahannam) and its fire (Naar).

14. Belief in Paradise

You must believe in paradise.